Ten Movies to Watch in Quarantine

Because we’re all super bored and constantly need things to watch

By Celia Brocker

To be blunt, quarantine sucks. Online school is a struggle, you can’t see any of your friends and the weather is finally getting decent. But you can’t deny the definite perks, otherwise, you’ll be pulling your hair out in frustration. 

A definite plus is the near-endless opportunities to kick back and watch a favorite movie or TV show. With the number of streaming services, the number of choices you have can seem overwhelming. But to help you get started, here’s a list of movies you should definitely watch while you have the chance. 

1. Home Alone

This might hit a little too hard right now, but who could turn down such a feel-good classic? Kevin McCallister lives every little kid’s dream when he’s left home alone during the Christmas holidays – no parents bossing him around, eating whatever he wants, and thwarting criminals with hilarious booby traps – until he realizes that being with your family is better than being alone. 

2. Onward

If you have access to Disney Plus, streaming this movie is a good idea. Pixar continues to knock heartwarming movies out of the park, packing an emotional punch to the gut while making you laugh at the same time. 

3. Yesterday

This lighthearted comedy about a failing musician who is the only one who remembers the Beatles also packs in some interesting questions about humanity. How far would you go to achieve your dreams, and what should your dreams even be? 

4. Lady Bird

Before Little Women, Greta Gerwig gave us this indie film about a self-centered teen who’s only goal is to get out of her hometown Sacramento. Half the film is spent admiring Lady Bird’s quirky/blunt personality, and the other half has you wanting to shake her until she realizes that her life is not as terrible as she makes it out to be. It’s a good thing to remember right now, that for all you’re going through you should be thankful for what you do have. 

5. E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial 

Feeling nostalgic for childhood? Look no further than Spielberg’s classic tale of boy meets alien. 

6. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Who do you relate to more right now? Ferris shrinking his responsibilities, or Kevin’s lack of desire to do anything, let alone go out. 

7. Midsommar

Nothing like being stuck inside with a good horror film, and this one is unlike any other – the most uneasy and freaky parts of the movie happen when everyone is outside and the sun is shining bright. 

8. Anything Disney

It’s hard to pick just one, and everyone has a different favorite from their childhood. Relive your favorite memories by watching your old favorite, or by just watching all of them.

9. The Breakfast Club

Like anyone should need an excuse to watch this classic.

10. Harry Potter franchise

Technically putting more than one movie in a spot is cheating, but there’s a reason channels are having Harry Potter marathons constantly right now. If you have nothing to do all day and need a time-consuming activity, this is it.

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